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Stan Gruel

360° brand storytelling


I find the story that carries your brand forward and engages your audience.

Then, I adapt this story to different media platforms. The message will engage, it will be memorable, and it will raise the perceived value of whatever you’re selling.


How do I do it?
With a passion for ideas and 15 years experience in advertising, working on international campaigns in Paris, London, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. I’ve created sub-stories for well-established brands on print, TV, the web and social media, and I’ve worked on stories for brands that didn’t exist before.


Some Stories I worked on:
Hype for Hewlett Packard, Mazda stories, Volvo C30 A product of free will, Opel Umparken Im Kopf, VHV Insurance, Opel Insigna, Opel Adam, Mazda CX-7, Brand birth of garden tools company Mowox, Brand story for IT company DataOne, Brand history for iconic supercar brand ISDERA, Brand relaunch for luxury French tableware brand Deshoulieres, Brand relaunch & story for HKAudio, Instagram story for CosmosDirekt insurances


What am I doing now?
Since 2020 I work from my design studio and provide freelance services to agencies across Europe.


Let’s talk!
Call/Whatsapp me on +49 (0) 170 9687 032, or send me an email.